1. Mary Maguire Martin says

    It is with great joy that I happen upon your website. I am the granddaughter of Charles and Bessie Maguire and great granddaughter of Alfred and Sarah Maguire; all from Oxford, Ind. Charles (1880-1979) and Bessie had 3 boys – Sam, Marvin and Charles. My father is Charles Maguire. My father will be 95 years old on March 11, 2017. He is of sound mind and only recently experiencing health issues. I am hopeful that you would be willing to share your stories, fill in some missing pieces of information and provide a connection that is so very important to my father and I.

    • admin says


      It is great to hear from you! And, wonderful to hear about your father. Most of what I have/know is due to the work of my father, William Clayton Wilkinson, Jr. My task, it would seem, is to make the material he gathered and developed more accessible.

      So, what can I do for y’all?

      Also, I would welcome learning about any old photos or info/stories you and your father might have.

      Bill Wilkinson
      Bethesda, MD

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