William Clayton Wilkinson, Sr. (1881 – 1959)

WCWjr wrote this paper about his father, WCW Sr. He worked on it over a period of time. This version is dated 9 August 1986. I reformatted the document, scanned the “Figures,” updated the “Wilkinson Pedigree,” and added in a page “Pedigree View” for WCW Sr. from Ancestry, based on the Family Tree Maker data developed by WCWjr. [Feb. 2015]

WCW Senior  (pdf file: 2.3 mb)

John Wm. Wilkinson (1855 – 1927)

John Wm. was the grandfather of WCW jr. My father (WCW jr) wrote and revised this paper several times, the last dated 1991. I have reformatted it and added some updates.

John Wm Wilkinson 021715  (pdf file: 2.0 mb)

William Maguire Family

William Maguire (1803-1883) was the immigrant ancestor for our Maguire family. This is a paper developed by WCWjr over many years; he last revised it in November 1996. I have done some editing, reformatting, and updated the family chart based on newly available data.

William Maguire Family (pdf file: 0.73 mb)

Maguire Home

This report includes a photo (ca. 1904) and description of the Alfred Maguire home in Oxford, Indiana. Included in the photo are all of the members of the family with both their given names and nicknames.

Maguire Home (pdf file: 0.26 mb)